Riders' strike against platforms
(Bangkok Post, September 7, 2020)
Thai Pbs's new media interviews JELI director on platform economy.
(De/code, July 9, 2020)
JELI director discusses challenges of Thai&US labor amid the COVID-19.
(Way Magazine, May 1st, 2020)
JELI's research on platform-based food delivery workers 
(Bangkok Post, February 2020)
JELI Director discusses politics of robotics and Thai labor on Prachatai English
(Oct 2018)
JELI's research on digital platform and Thai labor 
(BANGKOK POST, April 2018)
A Question for Thailand: Is the platform economy a new face of labour exploitation?
(May 2018)

Workers' Rights &Thailand 4.0


Matichon (a leading Thai newspaper) featured JELI's report on "digital platform and Labor 4.0

(May 2018)


Just Economy and Labor Institute (JELI) is non-profit organization working to promote social justice and ensure the protection of labor rights. We support workers and labor organizations by offering educational and capacity-building programs. We also partner with rights-based organizations that share our vision and missions to conduct research and design campaign-oriented trainings aimed to achieve economic and labor justice.

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