JELI is a team of dedicated workers and women's rights advocates, trainers and researchers, with extensive experience in Southeast Asia and the US. The JELI team works closely with grassroots labor leaders and seasoned activists who serve on our advisory board.

Meet The Team


Suthila (Bee) Luenkam

Bee is a seasoned activist, former unionist and factory worker, who is very passionate and active in the movements of Thai labor and women workers.

Kriangsak Teerakowitkajorn, PhD.

Kriangsak  is a facilitator, strategic campaign researcher and academic, who holds a doctorate degree in labor geography from Syracuse University.


Chonthita (Neab) Kraisrikul

Neab is a labor researcher with interests in workers associations.  With background in journalism and economics, she is a talented writer who amplifies voices of marginalized people by writing about their struggles for social justice. 

Sakdina Chatrakul Na Ayudhya

Sakdina is a labor historian and researcher who has been involved with the labor NGOs and trade union movements in Thailand for three decades. Since late 2020, Sakdina has served as an advisor for JELI on gig workers' organizing strategies. 

Advisory Board

Dr. Voravidh Charoenlert
Dr. Voravidh Charoenlert

Dr. Voravidh is an Associate Professor at the Department of Economics, Chiang Mai University. Since early 1990s, he has been one of the strongest champions of trade union movement in Thailand.

Sriprai Nonsee
Sriprai Nonsee

A veteran trade unionist, Sriprai is also a leading political activist who has worked to empower trade union movement in one of the most industrialized areas in the Bangkok Metropolitan Area.

Fahmi Panimbang
Fahmi Panimbang

Sedane Labor Resource Center, Indonesia

Tono Haruhi
Tono Haruhi

Tono Haruhi is the Director of Yokohama Action Research and International Secretary of Support Groups for TMPCWA (Philippine Toyota Union). Her research focuses on the investment and labour practices of Japanese TNCs. She holds a master's degree from Tokyo University.