Just Economy and Labor Institute (JELI) is non-profit organization working to promote social justice and ensure the protection of labor rights. We support workers and labor organizations by offering educational and capacity-building programs. We also partner with rights-based organizations that share our vision and missions to conduct research and design campaign-oriented trainings aimed to achieve economic and labor justice.

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JELI is a team of dedicated labor and immigrant rights advocates, trainers and researchers, with extensive experience in Southeast Asia and the US. Living and working across the Global North - South,  the JELI team works closely with grassroots labor leaders and seasoned activists who serve on our advisory board.


Reena is a US trained attorney and immigrant rights advocate who has worked extensively in Southeast Asia and the U.S.

Legal Advisor and Senior Trainer

Reena Arora

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Pei is a writer with extensive experience in Thailand and Southeast Asia. As both an academic and advocacy researcher, he is interested in international migration, political sociology, and development.

Senior Advocacy Researcher

Pei Palmgren

Jon has nearly two decades of non-profit work experience driving practical solutions with civil society partner to real-world human rights challenges around the globe.

Senior Operations Manager

Jon Fox

Kriangsak  is a facilitator, strategic campaign researcher and academic, who holds a doctorate degree in labor geography from Syracuse University.

Founder and Managing Director

Kriangsak Teera-Hong, PhD.


Woradul is a seasoned labor rights educator, researcher and independent scholar. A founder of Labor Education Center, Woradul's decade of experiences has greatly strengthened the team's expertise on Asian trade unionism. 

Senior Research Associate/ Educator

Woradul Tularak

Baitoey is a researcher with years of experience as a community organizer with a wide range of grassroots including youth, children with cancer, and local communities. She is passionate about human rights, youth activism and social change.

Research Officer

Pattaraporn Promkot (Baitoey)

Advisory Board

Fahmi Panimbang

Sedane Labor Resource Center, Indonesia