Pei Palmgren

Senior Advocacy Researcher and Analyst

Pei Palmgren is a senior researcher and writer with extensive experience in Thailand and Southeast Asia. As both an academic and advocacy researcher, he is interested in international migration, political sociology, and development.


Pei is currently a PhD candidate in Sociology at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), working on a dissertation that examines the creation and transformation of Thailand’s labor migration regimes in the context of regional economic integration. His academic work is published in the Journal of Refugee Studies, the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies and a forthcoming volume on global displacement. He has also contributed to advocacy research projects of such organizations as People’s Empowerment Foundation, Equal Rights Trust, and the Institute of Human Rights and Peace studies at Mahidol University.


Just Economy and Labor Institute (JELI) is non-profit organization working to promote social justice and ensure the protection of labor rights. We support workers and labor organizations by offering educational and capacity-building programs. We also partner with rights-based organizations that share our vision and missions to conduct research and design campaign-oriented trainings aimed to achieve economic and labor justice.

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